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Over 90 days ago
United States


Hello I'm a senior in high school and I like to write poetry. Write now I am interesting in writing a play of some kind.

Good writing, descriptive, capturing complex emotion, depth of character. Aside, I like to read and knit and carve.

Favorite Books
The sword of truth.

Favorite Authors
Philippa Pierce, Tamora Pierce

Favorite Movies
Enjoyed the new 007 quite a lot, I like the anime series Phantom: Requiem for a Phantom I guess.

Favorite Music
Classical, pop/rock, some rap
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Struggling Inside

I guess I don't know what I want

And now I've paced this room at length,  Twelve foot apart its walls can't be.For how can one have walked a mile,Within confines of such a style.My school work lies forgotten there,The desk that shades my footprints past,Velocities and speeds and time,Are...

The Fragrance Of Her Sleep Mine eyes snapped open then. Yes some compelling whiff hinted At luxury that peeled My seal-ed lips, how ironic That smell can break a spell of sleep! Yet as I woke there was No strong fermented scent, No sense of succulent Swee...