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Over 90 days ago
United States


I'm From Southern California..I am a father of the greatest 13 y/o twins, boy and sons name is Jordan, my baby girl is Jayden..

Being a daddy....Sports...I am usually misunderstood, but I have a big heart..Like most of us I have been through alot..When I write it's simply how I bleed.

Favorite Music
Eminem,Theory of A Dead man,Cold, Staind, Skillet.My Darkest Days, Blessthefall. Seether, Foo Fighters,
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What's Left

This is my first piece since I was released from prison July 22.

Picking up the pieces,I have done my time,You hurt me so bad,It's a pain of a different kind,I've been stripped of everything,Even of my pride,I didn't know that all along,God was by my side,While I was locked up in prison,You ran wild and free,And you br...

When I'm Gone

My battle with drugs has caused me to make bad choices and I will likely be doing prison time..

Daddy won't be around for a while, Can't catch you if you fall, I die every second we're apart, It's the hardest thing of all, I wont be gone forever, Those words are hard to say, But Daddy made some stupid choices, This is the price I have to pay, I'd gi...

To my Baby Girl, And my Little Man, A fraction of you, Is more than I am, Tomorrow's your birthday, You'll both be fourteen, Our lives torn apart, With you caught in between, I'm sorry I can't be there, When you blow out the candles, But once again life,...