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acarltoncraft1 10 months ago

The Watered Down Version

Saying goodbye and moving on

In the watered down version of you, you are merely an acquaintance not the love from my youth. In this version, you are smaller with those thin hands that keep slipping through mine. And, yes, you still speak with a bit of a southern accent, but it’s n...

Poetic_Justice 6 years ago

When I'm Gone

My battle with drugs has caused me to make bad choices and I will likely be doing prison time..

Daddy won't be around for a while, Can't catch you if you fall, I die every second we're apart, It's the hardest thing of all, I wont be gone forever, Those words are hard to say, But...

down, discovered an addictiondown, a serious inflictiondown, there's something I can't getdown, my palms begin to sweatdown, my hands begin to shakedown, my mind begins to flakedown, don't know if I'll survivedown, without it...

The colors have now faded, My life has turned to grey, I created my own prison, I pay the price every day, Day after day, I am staring at the ceiling, I remind myself to breathe, Maybe I'm just dream...

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I feel like I'm n mourning, Like all I do is grieve, I am slowly fading, It even hurts to breath, The pain is just too much, It's my price to pay, Why must I feel like this, Just make...

Poetic_Justice 7 years ago

The Prison Within

Another piece of my past..

Twisted thoughts,Twisted pleasures,Desperate times,Desperate measures,As the years go by,The memory remains,You and Me were both,Two runaway trains,Focus on my words,This is more then lyrical,We somehow survived,

Poetic_Justice 7 years ago

Relapse: The Fall

My War against drug addiction.

I have nothing left to give,Giving up never seemed so real,The pain has now consumed me,There's nothing else I feel,I cannot point a finger,I'm the only one to blame,Memories are all fading,Nothing stays the same,I have not...

DirtyMartini 10 years ago

My God, The Devil Heroin

This was set to music by my friend Joe Malgeri, and is referred to in my story Your Eyes...

My God, The Devil Heroin I walk down a broken street in search of my Promised Land, I'm on a mission from God and my God's name is Heroin.In the distance I can hear the gunfire,I'm in a holy war, my sergeant’s named desire.I walk p...