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Regrets Stories


When I'm Gone

My battle with drugs has caused me to make bad choices and I will likely be doing prison time..

Daddy won't be around for a while, Can't catch you if you fall, I die every second we're apart, It's the hardest thing of all, I wont be gone forever, Those words are hard to say, But Daddy made some stupid choices, This is the price I have to pay, I'd gi...

What is it all for?

daily wondering

We began our life so long ago, vowing to each other to never let go. We fought with addiction and we won. We fought for our lives together as one. We raised my girls together, but it wasn't always easy. We fought through destruction of people trying to te...

Rewind Time (Darkness)

Kind of a little dark.

Rewind time. I climb,The tree of life,Clambering,Longing to reach the top.I keep falling,Like Alice.Can't find my footing,Like Bambi.I keep crashing to rock bottom. Photographs frozen,Still memories,Of pain,Of good times,Of bad.Almost atop,But I slip agai...