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I'm a software developer who's taken to doing some writing over the past couple of years. This started when i wanted to preserve a whole collection of family "stories" to ensure they would continue to be passed down through the generations.

After starting to write that, I decided I wanted to try my hand at some short-story fiction writing. I've turned out a few stories so far (which I hope readers enjoy). As I get more ideas, more stories will flow.

Oh - please feel free to suggest tags (or even changed genres) for any of my works. All input is greatly appreciated!

My "home", where I have a few blog posts and some other possible items of interest, can be found at

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Tales From The Pub: A Tale of Curses

Two creatures of the night share a couple of drinks.

In a shadowy alcove in a darkened and dimly lit pub, a humanoid figure sits at a small table and holds his wineglass by the stem. He tips the empty glass first one way and then the other as he contemplates the small flickering light which rests in the cen...

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The Worry Stone

A chance meeting at a county fair helps to heal a young man's broken life

My life fell apart when I was ten -- and that night will stick with me forever. It was mid-summer and Mom and Dad wanted a weekend to themselves. I was spending it with my grandparents -- Dad's parents. We'd had a good time with a quiet day -- just Grandm...

Tales From The Nowhere Pub: The Captain's Visit

Two naval officers visit the Nowhere Pub

Captain Llewellyn Gavin Crayford — “Captain Crayford” to many, “Cap” or “Cap’n” to most of his crew, and “LG” to his friends — disembarked from his ship, Running Light, with a sigh. Most of his crew were already off the ship, glad to have some shore leave...