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bmcatt 1 year ago

The Worry Stone

A chance meeting at a county fair helps to heal a young man's broken life

My life fell apart when I was ten -- and that night will stick with me forever. It was mid-summer and Mom and Dad wanted a weekend to themselves. I was spending it with my grandparents -- Dad's parents. We'd had a good time with a quiet day -- just Gra...

Sleet hitting the windows,nothing stirring.Drifts of white powder,blanket your door.Your heart heavy,thoughts of what ifs.Close your eyes,quiet so deafening.Wash over you,begging to end the pain.

At the age of nine, lying in the children's ward. Rheumatic fever, burning though me. Nuns and Doctors come and go, tending a full ward of eight boys. Across from me lay a new boy, no more than five years old. Sadly for he had s...

fuzzy1954 2 years ago


We lived and died on Flanders fields.

Sun-dried mud on youthful faces. Waiting for the shrill sound of whistles. Rolling thunder, foot by foot. Sending earth tossed to heaven. Drips of crimson foam splash mates, along the trench lines. Orders barked with the shrill whistl...

Anonymous 3 years ago

The Life and Times of Shyloh Sinclair

A woman's life is remembered

The line at the funeral parlor led out the front door, around the side, and down the street for three blocks and was composed primarily of men who had come to pay their respects. The civilian men wore a white shirt, dark jacket, dark pants, and a white...

fuzzy1954 3 years ago

The Square

As the drums and pipes played on

As the drums and pipes played Tribal King we stood our ground.  We the fresh and young troops of our King stood and watched the foolish French below.  For today we have been told it shall end here, end today.  The shout goes up and down the line, "F...

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fuzzy1954 3 years ago


With the sound of distnce hueys

Lambs As the news from today, Sink into my soul. Sound of Hueys to the west, Bring back memories. Hot August day so long ago. New green lambs, stumble out all of 19. Look at this latest batch. As you spit, Thinking one tho...

Anonymous 3 years ago

Reader discretion is advised.The first few lines of this work contain language or other material that some readers may find offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has elected to include this disclaimer, effectively concealing th...

LauraDanielle 5 years ago

The Secret Life of Mrs Faulkner - Chapter One

How well do you really know someone?

Cruel World:He was vaguely aware of someone entering the room and the sounds they were making, how they were disturbing the peace he had created for himself, interrupted his little world and penetrated the barrier that he had built to keep peop...

The sky sat in judgment on a cold spring morning. All the people could be seen staring out of their empty shells, shells that housed warm souls and harbored dark thoughts, translucent in the light of day but opaque at night. If there is one thing I have...

If I should find space in your memoryonce the seconds have drained from my timeI pray I'm remembered just as I wasI hope I'm not placed too highNot keen on leaving a saintly reputeeven saints have sinned in their hearts...