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Pub Stories


Looking Better With Every Beer

Hoisted on one's own petard

To keep my evenings copasetic, I imbibe my usual anaestheticDraught beer may not be classy, but it’s cheapTherefore, I end most of my days, in a somewhat alcoholic hazeBefore I stumble home along the street This establishment, so necessary, the pub, my fr...

Tales From The Nowhere Pub: The Captain's Visit

Two naval officers visit the Nowhere Pub

Captain Llewellyn Gavin Crayford — “Captain Crayford” to many, “Cap” or “Cap’n” to most of his crew, and “LG” to his friends — disembarked from his ship, Running Light, with a sigh. Most of his crew were already off the ship, glad to have some shore leave...

Tales From The Nowhere Pub: The Nowhere Pub

Introducing the Nowhere Pub - a cross-dimensional pub for adventurers

I was sure I had walked down this side street hundreds of times. How could I have never seen this pub before?All right, granted, there wasn’t even really a sign for it. There was just a very tattered-looking board sitting off to the side of a front window...


Orphan taken into family catches a burgler.

Tom by 1941aaa I was orphaned at an early age and was most fortunate to be taken in by Peter and Mary Withers, for I took the place of the child they never had. Peter was the gamekeeper for Lord Carlton on his estate in Wiltshire and Mary helped out in th...

Old Lady With A Can

A little old lady sitting in her flat talks about life whilst drinking a can of lager.

It’s freezing out there. I wouldn’t throw a cat out on a night like this. Still, it’ll soon be summer. I usually go down to the pub, have a drink with my friends Madge and Doris, but it’s too cold to go out tonight. I thought I’d stop in, have a can of la...