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Navy Stories


Tales From The Nowhere Pub: The Captain's Visit

Two naval officers visit the Nowhere Pub

Captain Llewellyn Gavin Crayford — “Captain Crayford” to many, “Cap” or “Cap’n” to most of his crew, and “LG” to his friends — disembarked from his ship, Running Light, with a sigh. Most of his crew were already off the ship, glad to have some shore leave...

SDF 2016

The crew of JDS Azumaya must stop a rogue JMSDF vessel from inciting a war with America.

JDS Azumaya Kongo-class Destroyer Japanese Territorial Waters CO: Captain Shinsui Hirayama 1500 hours Lieutenant Commander Tadayuki Nomata looked around the CIC with pride, allowing himself a small smile at the air of efficient, purposeful activity around...

November 22, 1963

One person's experience of President Kennedy's funeral

I finished my noon chow, and was walking back across the drill field towards the school, and smoking a cigarette, when Doug Holmes came running across the field toward me. “Hey man, they just shot the president!” “You’re shitting me, right?” “No! Seriousl...