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Over 90 days ago
United States


I am proud to say that I have published my book Hope In Love.. Many thanks to all who have read my work and gave me the strength to follow my heart.
well about me I am a shy woman. hope to chat with other writers and who knows become friend along the way.
I am mostly here writing but will stop and say hello to any one that would like to stop by and say hello and chat for a few. To all have a blessed day.

writing,enjoying life to the fullest

Favorite Books
Secrets In The Shadows

Favorite Authors
V.C Andrews

Favorite Movies
The Notebook, Titanic,

Favorite TV Shows
Criminal Mind, The Whispers

Favorite Music
country,classic rock
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A strong woman she may be A strong confident woman is something to be seenAs she works on herselfShe knows what she can and should beEvery day pushing past the painMoving towards her ultimate goalWalking into the unknown Her eyes open soaking it all in Ta...

In the cool winter breeze  Standing in the middle of nowhere Ice crystal forming Running through my veins Cold settling on my bones  Trying to break free From the ice chains that keep hold of me  Staring out into the mist Out in the horizon I see a glimps...

It's been years since I saw your smiling faceHeard your voiceFelt your love as only a mother can giveYour encouraging wordsHelping us through out roughest timesI dream of the daysWhen you were walking this earth Laughing, smiling, and having fun Our famil...