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Born in the post war era of 1947 and raised in the farm country of upstate New York, MF Burbaugh saw ground level life and death.

In school, all the way into college he was an avid reader which put him in trouble as often as not. He had already read required reading books assigned as many as several years before and refused to reread them.

From sixth grade on the requirement to read and report on a book a month again found him at odds. Seems DC Comics and Playboy were not considered valid for book reports so he made them up. Author, title, and storyline, from scratch, thus began his career as a story teller.

Joining the Army in 1966 and spending almost two years in Vietnam, he added to his grounding of reality, a reality his friends back home would never understand. He wrote his first novella there on toilet tissue (not the soft fluffy stuff we use today) and after 21 years in the Army, 2 children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren he now resides with his wife of forty four years in El Paso, Texas.

He writes mostly in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

Author of several books and short stories, The Bounty Hunter is the latest available in eBook and paperback.

Model airplane flying and shooting.
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Agent 727 where are you?

A 007/Get Smart spoof with a side order of hamburger.

WC: 2812 This is a spoof on every type of nutty 'agent' show you can think of. If you are offended by 'fat' jokes you will be offended by this story as well. Agent 727 Where are you? By MF Burbaugh “Agent 727, come in please. I know you can hear me damn i...

Call of the Sun

Staring a new day.

I saw a drawing of an Elvin woman lying in the grass with anearly morning mist about and holding a flute while watching fireflies dance. She wore a crown of flowers upon her head. This is what came to mind. Please drop down to the start to read it. It see...


Ever wonder what would happen if your story came alive?

I went to the door, I couldn't think who would be here at 3AM. I was writing, I found early morning a good time to think. I wasn't thinking when I opened the door, I wasn't thinking when I immediately slammed it either. I took a breath and opened it again...