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Deep Fake

Not everything is as it seems.

“There’s something off about her,” Daniel said. Daniel was sitting at the bar surrounded by a disarray of empty glasses and a half-eaten bowl of popcorn. The long narrow barroom was illuminated by the gray gloom of a rainy afternoon seeping past the neon...


Moon Challenge: Space Port Alpha

In the year 2034, Space Port Alpha faces a crisis

  Characters:   Ellie Carmichael Early thirties, Information Systems Technician Tom Carmichael Late thirties, Life Support Systems Engineer Yinzi Chen Mid-forties, Project Manager Joe Green Late-twenties, Communication Officer Liz D’Souza Late-twenties, S...


The Four Hundred and Twentieth Warden

A vision of the future. A way to say goodbye to those lost too soon.

Dear Dad, It’s Julie. This is the letter we always used to wonder about. It took much longer than expected. My timeline runs parallel to, but thirty years ahead of yours, and I’ve grown older here than you are there.  You’re approaching the point where I...

Expiration April

Army representatives investigate the murder of secret service agents by a malfunctioning clone.

Expiration: April To: Zambia Army Headquarters – New Kasama Barracks From: Lieutenant Gift Nsomo Reporter: Anderson Mwila Classification: Investigative Report Date: 6 th April 2021 Purpose: To document the events leading to the malfunction of the BGP (Bio...

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Ever wonder what would happen if your story came alive?

I went to the door, I couldn't think who would be here at 3AM. I was writing, I found early morning a good time to think. I wasn't thinking when I opened the door, I wasn't thinking when I immediately slammed it either. I took a breath and opened it again...

WC: 6343   KX730, Solarian Sector Naval Command Destroyer Glimmer of Time   "Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is kilo xray seven three zero, going down. Anti-gravity fields almost destroyed, primary drive destroyed, ship integrity questionable." "Mayday, mayd...

Welcome Heroes

A hero briefs future heroes of the Space Marines

(This short story is graduation day for the elite of the elite, Space Marines... It is based on one of my eBooks 'Rocer Penal Colony' available at most eBook sites, but not needed for this.) "Come in, come in. Find a seat. Welcome." Four hundred new Space...

K-Lunk Ptet

Sometimes time can change things.

K-Lunk Ptet WC: 5200 MF Burbaugh “K-Lunk Ptet,” it said again. “Look, I have no idea what you are saying,” I told it. I still wasn't sure what the hell the it was, but this was my damn land and no stinking robocop was telling me what to do. It seemed to s...

Life Sentence

What lurks behind the bricked up wall in E-Wing? There's only one way to find out.

“What’s in cell 119?” Albertson looked up at me for the first time since I’d sat down. I’d been building up the courage to ask about 119 for ten minutes, but his expression made me wish I’d kept my mouth shut. He leaned across the desk, examining me close...

The Doll

A lonely old man orders a special doll for 'friendship' but the doll might not want him.

Barry hadn’t committed a crime for over twenty five years. Surely that was long enough to let things go, let the past swallow up his misdeeds? Enough time to move on. Standing by the front door, he held the handle in his clammy shaking fingers, gulping fo...


Sudden, quickly-written idea opener. I am open and thankful to constructive criticism.

For the past decade now, it seems my life has come to a stand-still; day after day I perform the same routine while fearing my turn for mortality to strike. However, as of late, as the monotony molds my recent acts of madness, I am more looking forward to...