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Over 90 days ago



Was It Enough?

Are They Going To Be Safe?

She hated days like this. A hot, blustery northerly wind, temperature more uncomfortable than it needed to be. It reminded her of the days leading up to Black Saturday – Australia’s worst bushfire. She had never known fear like that before. It made her ve...

The Lonely Woman

Her cheating husband

How lonely she looked, that woman with her children. I saw her, having dinner with her three children. She was there, alone with her children, drinking wine. Where was her husband? How sad she looked. Drinking alone. Nothing is sadder than someone drinkin...

How Lucky Am I?


How blessed am I? Every day I thank God for my blessings. I have six beautiful, healthy children and a very supportive husband. I can’t do the things that I used to, but it doesn’t matter. We survive the best way we can. I am able to talk and think – mayb...

This Is Me Now

Suicidal Thoughts

There it was, my thoughts, spelt out plainly for me to see. It was all there. I couldn’t deny what I had written, but it was painfully obvious how bad I was feeling – for two years at least. I had carried a book in my bag to record my feelings when I felt...