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Karen Vaughan lives in Peterborough Ontario with her husband Jim and a cat named JJ. She is the mom of a 25-year-old daughter and four grown step children and a 5 year old grandson named Izak who could very well be smarter than a fifth grader. DEAD COMIC STANDING is her second novel. Her first novel DEAD ON ARRIVAL garnered praise from friends, family and online gamers. She also enjoys doing crafts and other hobbies. Her third book and sequel to DEAD ON ARRIVAL is called OVER HER DEAD BODY. DAYTONA DEAD is the third in that series and was released in May 2013. Other than writing Karen loves to read, do crafts and play online games. Currently she hosts an internet radio show called WRITERS ROUND TABLE since January the 14th,. 2014. She has a quirky sense of humor and shows this in her mysteries and her side hobby of stand-up comedy. DEAD MEN DON’T SWING AND JAMAICA DEAD WERE PUBLISHED in January 2015.

reading, writing, adult colouring, social media, radio host crafts, family time

Favorite Books
stephanie plum series, the thornbirds, the stand, others too numerous to mention,hunger games trilogy, divergent trilogy

Favorite Authors
Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, Jonathan Kellerman, Robin Carr

Favorite Movies
Star wars -4-6, hunger games trilogy

Favorite TV Shows
Big Bang theory, NCIS (all 3) Quantico, Chicago MED,fire and pd, castle, blue bloods, Hawaii 5-o and How to get away with murder

Favorite Music
Classic 70s rock 60s motown, some modern county
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Along Came Mags

reach out and accept help when needed

Along came MagsPeople on the street called her Raggy Maggie for obvious reasons. She was the consummate street person complete with shopping cart and collection of stuff she found in dumpsters. It was getting to be too cold to sleep outside and she needed...

Dead on arrival part 5

Back on the job.

Chapter 9 As it turned out Mom and my sisters left me alone, and didn’t rake me over the coals regarding Gerry. They were more interested in the current events in my life. They had given up on me having a man in my apartment –let alone a dead one! I told...

The Wild Gypsy Soul

Finding yourself when you don't know where you are.

The desert is dry and arid. I am wandering around aimlessly looking for some sort of oasis in this barren wasteland. I keep a look out for wild animals and snakes waiting to make me their next meal. Suddenly up ahead I see a settlement made up of caravans...