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She turned, scrutinised her profile. Dressed head-to-toe in designer couture, she was a vision of smooth accentuated curves with long, slender legs and breasts a supermodel would be proud to thrust on the catwalk. Stroking her contours, her smile widened....

The Proper Way to Eat Spaghetti in Edinburgh

Americans need training to dine out properly

Dining out in Edinburgh would not present an overwhelming challenge I did not think. We had left our hotel on Prince's Street and strolled down the hill towards the harbor. My lady was on my arm, a spring chill in the air, so we both wore long coats. Mine...

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Angela's Bust

Angela likes playing games but, when she plays with murder, the stakes could not be higher.

Bishop’s Lounge was busy and loud and blue with smoke. I sat by myself back in a dark corner booth, contributing my share of smoke and watching Angela. She had come in with a group of work friends and they sat at one of the tables chattering and drinking...

Along Came Mags

reach out and accept help when needed

Along came MagsPeople on the street called her Raggy Maggie for obvious reasons. She was the consummate street person complete with shopping cart and collection of stuff she found in dumpsters. It was getting to be too cold to sleep outside and she needed...

Smallpox killed the Americans: Plutonium killed the Americans

A few scattered tribes survived, weak, but growing back to health through the generations.

First one Spaniard, then most indigenouspeople, died. Just in one year, 1525, probably millions perished. The civilisations of the Amazon were buried, first the flesh, then the artefacts, then finally even great temples. A few scattered tribes survived, w...

When I was in high school I worked at a grocery store. It was actually closer to a general store. It carried dry goods too, like hats and shirts. Our town had about 500 people. Small town. Everyone knew everyone, eventually. I hadn't lived there long enou...

Wreck of the USS Saipan (LHA-2)

Inspired by Gordon Lightfoot's and Paul Gross' Edmund Fitzgerald and 32 down on Robert Mackenzie

There is a legend about the Atlantic, that some call the animal, that says she never gives up her dead when the January winds hit heavy and turn the skies gloomy. The USS Saipan was a “gator freighter” bigger than most and came from some yard near Pascago...