I had set a friend a plot: Sand Mafia, Royal Enfield, Beer Pitcher, Pigeon Racing. My take on it…

His mind was filled with very churlish thoughts as he willed his 5 year old, rickety motor bike to scale one of steepest bridges in the city. He cursed life for being unfair, his parents for being just and honest and cursed himself for being a spinel…

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"Land Mafia; Royal Enfield; Beer pitcher; Pigeon racing" Odd combination, right? Well, that was what one of my creative friends gave, to use and weave a story out of it. It was pretty challenging and here is the story of a man who couldn't live his l…

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'A' for Astral

My dreams come true. Literally.…

An unprovoked fear of darkness rises in my heart and I run outside to see the street, empty and ominous. Darkness has fallen with such swiftness, that it feels like someone had brought it on with a flick. Where am I?With my unseeing eyes roving the s…

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The Santa Clause

Mephisto's dream has come true for he is the new Santa in town. Never mind that he has fangs.…

".........minutes of the meeting of the Board of Members of the Managing Council of Santa, Elves and Reindeer Limited held at Santaland, North Pole. Dated 26th December 2014. Resolved, 1)That, one Mr. Mephisto Sanguini (here-in-after referred to as…

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Laughter is a distant memory for Jack, the clown. Life, as he knows is over for him. A prisoner by choice, will he find the will to live once again?He was a clown. An ugly clown at that. With his face painted a sickly white and his nose a blood red; …

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The Turn Around

“No matter how long the winter; spring is sure to follow”…

After her 20th pill, the water tasted bitter and she gagged involuntarily. She wanted to pee now, having drunk at least three glasses of water. Whether it was the anti-depressants taking effect or just the numbness which had enveloped her; she didn’t…

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