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Karma Stories


It Was A Dream…

I think this is a true story.

Late night, not sleeping Awake, thoughts keeping My head from finding rest In bed’s embracing nest, Ev’n though my pillow’s soft In midnight’s quiet loft. So, lotus sitting, chanting OM… I let my Self begin to roam. Recalling that it’s been said, That ast...


It’s Not My Betrayal

Karma can be slow, but I’m as patient as I am petty.

I don’t understand how you sleep How your heart doesn’t pound out of your chestHow your palms don’t sweat While your fingertips clutch at nothing.  I don’t understand how your throatIsn’t a barren desertHow your barbed tongue forms wordsWhen it should cru...


You never know how one act of kindness can yield rewards.

She opened up the letter – read the words through teary eyes,another kind rejection, but it’s not a big surprise. She drops it in the basket on a pile of fifty more,a wasted application – not a single open door. She’d graduated college like her parents sa...


I had set a friend a plot: Sand Mafia, Royal Enfield, Beer Pitcher, Pigeon Racing. My take on it

His mind was filled with very churlish thoughts as he willed his 5 year old, rickety motor bike to scale one of steepest bridges in the city. He cursed life for being unfair, his parents for being just and honest and cursed himself for being a spineless c...

The Ghost of Christmas Sideways

Can one find self-awareness in a dirty bathroom? (Some adult themes and language.)

The apparition was angry.“Stop saying that! I am not the Ghost of Christmases Past! I am the Ghost of Christmas Sideways! I show you how past Christmases and the rest of your life might have been different…if only you had been standing ten feet to the lef...

The Doll

A lonely old man orders a special doll for 'friendship' but the doll might not want him.

Barry hadn’t committed a crime for over twenty five years. Surely that was long enough to let things go, let the past swallow up his misdeeds? Enough time to move on. Standing by the front door, he held the handle in his clammy shaking fingers, gulping fo...


Things one knows, but still questions.

I wonder sometimes, this day will I make it through?Will I have the strength to finish the tasks at hand? Challenges the universe has given me, I need to do.Why life can be so complicated, I do not understand? My mother always told me, take each day as it...

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