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The Great Big Flower

"The flower who grows a family"

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Once upon a time, there was a great big flower, she had survived terrible droughts and floods. But now, wanted to plant her own seeds in the planting season.

She planted her first seed. She kept it close so she could shade it and shelter it as it grew. The seed grew to be a beautiful flower.

She was dainty and very close with the great big flower. The dainty flower became a great mother flower herself, spreading her seeds all about herself.

The great big flower was very proud of her dainty little motherly flower. Now the great big flower planted another seed.

This one was more free, full of color and aroma. The great big flower saw that this little blossom was going to be a unique beauty, and felt that her little blossom was good.

She was overjoyed when she saw the unique flower begin to plant some seeds of her own.

The next planting season, the great big flower planted another seed with care, but the soil was hard and dry for spring, and the seed did not grow.

When the rains came, the great big flower used it to cover a flood of her own tears.

The following planting season finally came, the great big flower was hesitant to plant again. But she produced a small, very precious seed. She planted it and wished and hoped for all the amazing things the precious little one could do.

It finally began to bud, the great big flower was overjoyed! The little bud grew into a perfect little flower, fulfilling all the great big flower's dreams.

This flower was full of golden petals and was built with strength and deep roots. The great big flower was very proud of this third precious flower.

When the planting season came again, the great big flower planted yet another seed. But the rain came with such force and for such a long time, that the soil turned to mud, and the little seed was washed away.

The great big flower wept for the loss of the little seed, clinging even harder to her precious flowers, the motherly, the unique, and the strong.

When planting season came anew, the great big flower was unsure she could handle another loss. But, she brought out a seed to plant.

Unfortunately, before she could bury it deep and be sure the roots would stay near, the winds picked up and blew the little seedling farther from the great big flower.

This little seed grew apart from the flower bed, away from the others. The great big flower looked over now and then to the growing flower but did not have any hope of its return to her.

She moved on to plant another seed. This seed had short roots, it was special. Small and very attached to the great big flower. The little silent budding flower grew right alongside the great big flower. The little flower's face was ever upturned, gazing lovingly at the great big flower.

At last, the great big flower had come to planting season without a seed to plant. She looked down at the empty soil that was left and wondered how to fill it. But then, what should be blown in on the wind, but two little seeds from a far off flower bed! The great big flower held up her petals and stopped the two little seeds from floating away.

She planted them side by side and watched them grow with anticipation. They filled her bed perfectly with their own unique colors as they began to bud.

None of the flowers knew what manner of flower the little buds would grow to be, but they accepted them as part of the family.

The flower bed was now full, and the great big flower was surrounded by affection. She looked about her and felt love for her motherly flower, her unique flower, her strong flower, her special flower, and her two new buds. 

Written by BBaker
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