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Beaten But Not Broken

Taking a Stand is Not Always Easy......

Sitting on the edge of her bed Theresa began to think what was wrong with her? What was going to be her next step? Would she ever be able to get the strength? She knew what had to be done or would she continue to let John break her down. The heartache he had not only caused her but her older boys. They had been witnesses of what John was capable of because they had seen the monster numerous times before. The faint knock on her bedroom door brought her back to reality and she hurried into the bathroom to see if there was any visible damage. She began to cry as she noticed a bruise forming on her left eye, inside and around it. She yelled out, “I am coming sweetheart!”

Knowing it was her 10 year old son wanting to make sure his mommy was ok and ready to make their Saturday morning pancakes. As her heart ached all she could do was reflect on what had occurred earlier that morning. Theresa and John had 4 sons, 2 of which had already moved away after graduating high school. Her fourteen year old was staying over at a friend’s house so it was just her and Jake. They watched a movie and she put him to bed and then went to bed herself. But something just didn’t feel right; she had an eerie feeling.

In the wee hours of the morning her husband, whom she was separated from, came over drunk as usual. He knew the back door could not be locked properly and gained entrance into the house through there. Of course he wanted what Theresa could not longer give to him and that made him very angry. It made him so angry that the monster appeared and beat her defenseless body black and blue. He crushed her spirit so badly that all she wanted was to go to sleep, never to awaken. This wasn’t the first time but this time it hurt Theresa more because he spit on her and belittled her like no other time before. He took her unwilling and bruised body. He ripped her clothes off and violated her body, heart, and soul.

Looking in the mirror she thought to herself the black eye was the least of her worries. She couldn't allow this to continue. She had to break free of the chains that bound her to him, forever. As she covered her black eye as best she could with makeup she could hear the faint knock at the door again. She told herself this was it! This was the last time he would break her down. But after almost 20 years of being beaten, broken down, and belittled, why would this time be different? Where would she get the strength she needed to finally leave?

She opened the door and a pair of big brown loving eyes greeted her and she knew. Theresa knew at that moment she had to make a decision; it was him or her children. No more she thought!! No More!! Theresa knew the anger inside of her had to turn to strength! Enough was enough; the monster had to be stopped from hurting not only Theresa but her sons!!

As she opened the door, her answer was staring her right in the face and she knew what had to be done. Theresa could no longer worry about him. In her young son she saw hope, a new start. A new beginning with her and her sons would be her next step. A new beginning to a life she knew she could have. She hugged Jake and said, “I am ok sweetheart! Mommy is going to be ok but most of all we are going to be ok because we have a chance for a new beginning!" she knew she had been beaten but was not broken.

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