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A Strange Day

Tags: cat, dog, talking, weird

It's not every day your animals start talking.

Had it been three months since everything changed? Marcus remembered that day as if it were only yesterday. He got up that morning, same time as always, six sharp. He ate breakfast, fed the cat and took the dog for a walk. It was the same as every morning.

The cat, Nemo was a gift from his ex-wife. They had a love hate relationship, the cat and he. Every time he tried to touch the damn creature, Nemo hissed and bit at him. The only reason he hadn’t taken him to the shelter was because he wanted no one else dealing with Nemo’s craziness.

He knew the cat hated him, he just didn’t know why. Then the day came that everything changed. He had bought a new brand of food for Nemo and Ralph. It was on sale and cheap, what a mistake that turned out to be.

After feeding the animals, he left for work. It was only when he got the call from his neighbor that he began to worry. Jenny, his upstairs neighbor worked from home and called to tell him it sounded as if he had left the TV on and could he check on it at lunch.

He didn’t remember leaving the TV on but assured her, he would go check on it. When he arrived home, a furious Nemo met him at the door.

“Do you have any idea, how much I hate you?”

Marcus stopped mid stride and looked at Nemo who was sitting on the floor.

“What the fuck?”

“He said, he hates you.” Another voice said.

Marcus looked around and spotted Ralph, his beloved dog. With a look of bewilderment on his face, he looked between the two.

“This can’t be happening, animals don’t talk.”

“Well, that’s just rude,” hissed Nemo “we talk, you humans are just too stupid to understand us.”

Marcus stood there, mouth agape, looking back and forth between the two animals. He had always known that Nemo hated him.

“You know, he is right?” Ralph remarked snidely. “Everything he said is right, we hate you! You are never here, you buy us cheap food and we never get treats anymore. You are a horrible owner.”

“Wait, how dare you?” Marcus, shrieked. “I treat you both great!”

As Marcus stood there in shock, heartbroken that his beloved dog hated him as much as the fucking cat did, he made up his mind. He shut the door and walked to the end of the hall to the closet where he kept their stuff. Marcus yanked the door open, grabbing the pet carrier he used when he took Nemo to the vet. He turned to find the cat looking at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” demanded Nemo.

“I am doing what I should have done the moment Sherry brought you home. I am taking you to the pound.”

Marcus grabbed Nemo by the scruff of his neck and stuffed him in the carrier.

“I’m sorry,” begged Nemo. “Please, oh please don’t do this.”

“Too late, I have had enough of you.”

As he turned to face Ralph, he grabbed the leash. He walked over to the dog and knelt before him.

“I thought you loved me as much as I loved you,” Marcus said as a tear dripped from the corner of his eye. “Since you don’t, I will take you with Nemo and maybe you can find a family that you do love.”

He clicked the leash onto Ralph’s collar standing he picked up the carrier with his other hand and walked out the door, his once beloved pets at his side.

“Marcus, hey Marcus. You awake man.”

Marcus bolted upright in his chair and looked around the room. Terry, his best friend stood in front of his desk. He was still at work and everything was as it should be.

Author’s note: This is the first time I have ever written a story like this so please be kind. I would love whatever feedback and constructive criticism you may have. Thanks for reading!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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