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Fires In The Field

In which Bear shows Girl things she hasn't seen since she was a child.

~~~~~~~~~~ Bear chuckled. “And that’s how I get my supplies.” He sat back and looked at the Girl, waiting for a reaction. She giggled, then looked thoughtful. “But how do you get the money to order stuff?” ' ”That,” Bear said, “is another story for anothe...


Terrified of everything.

Terrified of everything After what you did to me Terrified of everything It's like I ceased to be Terrified of everything Panic all the time Terrified of everything So I drink too much wine Terrified of everything I just confided in a friend Terrified of...

A Strange Day

It's not every day your animals start talking.

Had it been three months since everything changed? Marcus remembered that day as if it were only yesterday. He got up that morning, same time as always, six sharp. He ate breakfast, fed the cat and took the dog for a walk. It was the same as every morning...