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I am fairly new to writing fiction so please just hang in there if what I write is unremarkable. I love to read, and write. Currently, I am working on self-publishing a book of poems. I have been told I am an artist. My space is always a mess, and I love the clutter. Meeting new people is also something I love to do. The abnormal and the normal alike intrigue me, so please don't hide, I'd love to know you.

Crafts, reading, writing, and hanging out with like minded people

Favorite Books
My favorite book is probably Mien Kampf and please don't judge. I read it in a class I took on world history and fell in love with the fountain of information it holds. Other than that, I enjoy reading books from all genres. I have read terribly written books and still loved them because I simply love the written word.

Favorite Authors
I don't particularly have a favorite. I like different authors for different reasons.

Favorite Movies
I don't watch a lot of movies and therefore I don't have a favorite.

Favorite TV Shows
crime dramas in general

Favorite Music
Country is my favorite but I love to listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood.
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Be joyful, for I am with you.

They must be singing, songs of glory their sister has come home, I am assured the angels welcomed you home Streets of gold, beneath your once weary feet voice raised in infinite songs of praise I have no doubt; you are dancing Your sweet smiling face,look...

My Parachute

You were my parachute.

You were my parachute,Always opening, rescuing mejust before I hit the ground.  Now, it seemsI am free fallingNothing is catching me this time. When will I hit the ground? You were my whiskey,When I had nothing but a needSo it seems,even whiskey goes bad....