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Festival of Colors Hodi

"Based off the first prompt picture"
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Such an array of colors fills the air, making everything beautiful. Vibrant colors fill the air like small puffs of clouds. Everything is in disarray and chaos, and yet somehow harmonic and orderly. I merely stand in awe at the spectacle, the festival of colors has begun.

A vivid purple, a rich claret, a dusky green, all in the air collide with other colors. Each color thrown into the air or at others, soon blurring into a rainbow colored smog. In the thicket, people cheering and laughing as they grab more colors.

A flutter fills my heart as a smile floats across my lips. My hands turn gold as I throw a bramble of gold sand at my neighbor, in turn, I get a face full of blue. My hair is a mango color and splattered with scarlet. My white shirt wasn't for long, it is now some weird yet pleasing, mystical from of tie-dye.

Lavender here, turquoise there, a little bit of jade, and a whole lot of yellow. Colorful clouds fill the dusky air, as people dance and joyously throw more colors at others. To me they seem like multicolored roses in a bramble bush. Each one is a unique beauty, and shares their beauty with everything else.

Off to the side, even more colors fill huge baskets. Unused colors waiting to whirl vicariously into the celebration, to fly amongst the clouds high in the sky. Dazzling silver, lime green, rose pink, along with many others, so many colors it makes my head spin.

Soon everything is colorful, everything at that moment is beautiful and everything is perfect. In a picture, this moment frozen in time, forever kept in our hearts, memories and picture frames. Eventually all things must end, I don't want it to be over.

My face is now split between blue and green; my hair filled with splotches of reds, oranges, and purples; my arms a full-scale rainbow ending with golden hands. Mother will fuss about not ridding the color in my hair for weeks, but I don't mind, today is worth it. It's not every day we get to celebrate colors, not many people appreciate their beauty back home.

Oh, I wish that we could have a holiday just like this one!

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