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Some changes gladly never change.

Breezes usher in on an orchestrated serenade of autumn. It enters cool and sedated, as subtle as the high notes of a summer song. Where once the raucous of beach-laughter and jubilant screams blended with crashing surf, they now trail off, dissipating int...

I feel in color.Color my feelings and shade them in. Paint my heart and lips red. Brush my mind with bright colored strokes. Prisms of light touch my soul when you color my skin. Crimson prints your fingers leave on my heart. Sunbursts bloom in my eyes wh...

“How ya doing?” I say to the empty chair next to me, like I actually expect it to talk back. It won’t, of course – I know it won’t – but there’s something refreshingly simple about being able to talk to inanimate objects and know they’ll never talk back....

The colors of the rainbow Are bright and true They remind me of The emotions I have for you Red orange yellow Green purple blue Smiles laughter tears Just a part of the feelings I know are there For you So every time a cloud comes I make it threw the stor...

I Love You In Color

What colors represents in our life together

White is just the canvas we bring all the other colors to in order to enrich our lives. Red is the intensity of the passionate love that we have for each other. Orange is the excitement that our love brings to our relationship. Pink is when our two bodies...


Festival of Colors Hodi

Based off the first prompt picture

Such an array of colors fills the air, making everything beautiful. Vibrant colors fill the air like small puffs of clouds. Everything is in disarray and chaos, and yet somehow harmonic and orderly. I merely stand in awe at the spectacle, the festival of...

Day Break

Mind becomes distracted.

Puffy pink clouds dance across the dawning sky, billowing pillows, fluffy, soft, so inviting, sigh.Angels maybe resting their heads, dreaming, as I greet this new day, colors beaming. Picture perfect shades of dark and light,softening, turning daylight fr...

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White and Blues

Ogden Nash remembered. I've written similar stuff as a kid.

I start up the computer to see the white and blue I never liked the blue so what do I do? I google far and long to right the blue that's wrongI fiddle with the screenuntil the red is green Now the whites are revolting, the blacks are amusing but oh noes w...