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From his point of view

Tags: bunny, sick, owner, love

Something is definitely not right. I keep trying to hop around but constantly am running into the lettuce-colored "sofa" as they call it. My neck feels awfully stiff, and I can only hop in circles around the coffee table. I don't feel very good. The big man notices and puts me in a tiny cage, much smaller than the one I go in when it is bed time. This cage is a lot bumpier too, and the smells are different, like when I'm in the outside air.

Some time goes by and I don't understand why I am stuck in a cage when it's bright. I don't think I have done anything wrong; I haven't chewed on anything since the new bunny arrived. I hear the cage zipper opening, but it's not the man. I've seen this lady before, only once. She pulls me out and sets me on something cold and hard like the floor at home, but it is white instead of wood. It smells weird and there are a lot of strange things in the room.

I'm scared, but the man is in the room with us, so I know he won't let anything bad happen to me. It seems like the lady looks at and pokes at me forever. I can hear her and the man talking but don't understand most of what they are saying. I manage to hear "sick" and "not good" and once again my heart starts to race. I just want my girl to be here with me. She always makes me feel better by holding me and talking to me. The man puts me back in the bumpy cage and I fall asleep.

When I wake up I am back at home, and the man's partner has water coming out of her eyes. I don't know what that means but she seems sad. The man has watery eyes too. I wonder what is going on. The woman picks me up, and for once I don't fight it.

I don't feel good and want my girl to hold me, but she is not here so the woman will have to do. Shortly after I start to nod off again I hear the door to the outside open, and tried my hardest to turn and see who it is but can't get my head to turn.

Suddenly I hear her voice, my girl is here! She came for me! "Hi baby." I cock my ear as she says it, so I don't miss anything she may say. She walks into my view and I see that her eyes are watery too. I don't know why all of the people are leaking, but I'm starting to think that it is my fault.

I don't want my girl to be sad. I try to reach out to her but my neck hurts and I can't move well. She doesn't come pick me up right away like normal, and it makes me wonder what I did wrong. Her and the man start talking, and I hear him say "torticollis." I don't know what that means, and neither does my girl.

The woman's eyes start watering again as she tells my girl that the vet (I guess that's who the lady is that I saw earlier) said the outcome didn't look good. When she hears this my girl starts leaking uncontrollably, and it makes me even more scared and sad.

Despite her faulty eyes, she comes and takes me from the woman which helps me feel better after this awful day I've had. She speaks softly to me and pets me for what feels like forever. I have no complaints though, I am terrified and achy, yet content in her arms. The last thing I hear as I start to drift off is "I love you Bunny, see you in the morning."

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