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Sick Stories


Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 03, Ailing Amy

Would learning the sexy little tramp she hated wanted to marry her best friend cause a relapse?

===The dream was back. So were those eyes. The ones that hovered in an angry sky, seeing everything but focusing on nothing.Amy knew those eyes—knew a time when they’d been filled with happiness and a love of life. But then her brother had returned from ...

Feel Better Sweetie

I hope you feel better soon

My poor daughter is not feeling well For a few weeks now she has been sick She has lost her taste and smell Hope she will feel better quick The first round of meds did not work Her throat is really red She really is going berserk She is home sick and in b...

Not Feeling Really Good

I Don't Feel Well

I really hate to be under the weather I've been sneezing all day My sinuses feel stuffed with pressureI feel sick in every way I've had a fever of a hundred and threeAnd have had a lot of chillsThe fever goes down by a degreeI'm taking my prescription pil...


That everlasting tug game our desires play

Today I want to talk to you about this thing I have, this little game I play, a little game and I’ve played it since I was as well very little. I was born a real realist you see and I knew people aren't meant to have all the things they desire, I also kne...

18 Lines Of The Common Cold

A funny rhyme on the common cold

A stomachache, runny nose and a pounding head. A sneeze and a wheeze, I wished I were dead. My forehead felt so red and so hot. They say it's a bug, that's what I have got. To bed I did go, with covers pulled up. Mom’s hot chicken soup, filling up my cup....

Something is definitely not right. I keep trying to hop around but constantly am running into the lettuce-colored "sofa" as they call it. My neck feels awfully stiff, and I can only hop in circles around the coffee table. I don't feel very good. The big m...