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In My Mind, You Matter

"It's not about 'what's in your wallet', but what's really in your head."
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Competition Entry: Solstice

You’re probably wondering where the voices in your head come from. I’m here to set the record straight. I wasn’t always so opinionated, but now I must speak up. Some call me the man in the moon. Well, that’s your easy definition! I’m neither man nor woman; I’m your conscience. You know the old saying: “Let your conscience be your guide.” Not many adhere to this; fewer today are listening to my sage advice.

Sometimes I just want to move on to another galaxy, where the inhabitants have even half a brain. I told you I have to get this out, so I’m trying my best to reach you! Most of you are not home; certainly the light is not on at your place. I think many of you may be brain dead, but I’m here to offer my last efforts to reach into your cranium and ignite some sparks.

I may well be your last hope in this present age. Spring may never come for you! Time is of the essence, so listen carefully. I can save you! From what you ask? I’ll save you from yourself, who else? Your ideas aren’t all bad; they just need a bit of honing and reshaping. Even in the world of writing, remember; “The best writing is rewriting.” E.B. White was correct when he penned those lines so long ago.

There have been many great men and women on this planet who have gone before you and have led or, at least, pointed out the proper way you should go. Why don’t you listen? Old fashioned was not always bad, either, so listen to your parents, grandparents, and those who have already walked where you are walking today. They know where the land mines are and have tried to point them out to you.

Some of you don’t take instruction very well. Like a sponge, you appear to take it all in, but as soon as those backs are turned you wring it all out. The problem, I believe, could be traced to your mouth and ears. Most of you are in so much of a hurry to speak your own mind, that you forget to really listen. You don’t even see yourselves tripping over your own long tongues, but continue to blabber along; you aren’t even conscious of others in the room, who also want to be heard. Give a listen now and then.

I watch for signs in the sky, and I predict weather fronts coming and going. There is a storm brewing on the horizon, and it won’t be long before it hits your shore. Are you prepared if the end came suddenly for you? Have you made amends with others you have cheated, wronged in some way, or lied about behind their back?

Life is not about getting it over on someone else, it’s about getting along; period! How many real friends do you have? I guarantee, it’s not enough. We can never have too many friends. When was the last time you invited friends over to your place or took a friend out for coffee and such? It’s high time you all focused on someone besides just yourself.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and start taking advice from elders, wise men, parents, older siblings perhaps, and your very own personal conscience. At some point in time, someone will come along and pull your plug, and it will be all over. When you go, I go! Here comes that someone now! Live one day at a time. Pull your head out of the past and quietly wait for tomorrow without worrying what it will bring. Get done what you can today and....

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