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You will learn the most about me through my various writings. I'm a storyteller, whom of late has been seen at area retirement homes sharing my tales and rhymes for the older kids there. They are like kids since they too are young at heart. A writer since my early teens and now am over the hill. I know this since I can describe to you what's on the other side. Be careful reading my work since it could spin off in any direction, since I write in every known genre. I've been fortunate enough to have found many homes for my short stories in magazines across the U.S. Now my work is international with stories in Portugal and Cyprus each with connections to 62 other countries. I'm especially fond of the little guys who love a fun story, and as a humorist that's exactly what I feed them. I got here to this stories place as soon as my little legs would take me. Now that I'm here is anyone going out for coffee? Stop by my place often; my door is always ajar! :-} Don I'll warn you I'm an environmentalist, so no littering in my forests, and leave all my animal friends alone. You can talk to them, I do, but that's it! On the other-hand my feathers aren't ruffled easily, and generally I never let things get under my skin (pelt). One last important note: You can find many of my animal stories at If you trip it over there, why not join the book club for free and receive a new animal story at the start of each month. Fun happy ending tales(tails) from writers all over the planet. Oh, did I mention I love animals and support No-kill shelters everywhere? Let all live in peace. P.S. I'm a Native American Storyteller (Seneca) Indian name - Greywolf

People say I'm: Funny, hilarious, silly at times, class clown, life of the party. Are you getting this yet? I'm quite serious you know! LOL Down-home country, environmentalist, happy-go-lucky, writes in every genre known to man. I'm Looking For ...: FRIENDS everywhere! Why even you could be one of them. We can never have enough or too many. Cheers!!! My INTERESTS are too varied to list them all, but will say first off I love to write anything and everywhere. I fish; used to do a bit of hunting. But since I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, I took to chasing them, but never could catch any. LOL I do have a voice to sing, love storytelling to the young and to the older kids too. Crack sewing machine mechanic, woodworker /fine furniture, expert lamp repair... That's enough for now. Oh, did I mention... never-mind. Political Affiliation: I hang out with them all Religious Affiliation: I Hang out and write stories for them all. Colleges: Have attended a couple. Major: Anything of interest to me. I major on what advances me in my writing career. Other Affiliations: I will list who I do not associate with - seedy characters.

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Going Nutz

"It's not funny until someone gets hurt", as we will see here.

Jan 25, 2015 35 Views: The news article read like this: “Wanted: Squirrel sought for contempt of court.” Family Court Judge M. Mulroy was the victim of a broad daylight heist in her own court room Wednesday. She described the suspect as 6 inches tall, gra...

In My Mind, You Matter

It's not about 'what's in your wallet', but what's really in your head.

You’re probably wondering where the voices in your head come from. I’m here to set the record straight. I wasn’t always so opinionated, but now I must speak up. Some call me the man in the moon. Well, that’s your easy definition! I’m neither man nor woman...

Wooden Boy 1

A Dream can come true - it can happen to you!

Story telling in both verse and prose What is in the Well? Chapter 1: Wooden Boy1 It's hard to say when it began  My thoughts of being a boy  My Master Carver built me I was his greatest joy Someone to share his life with  To play with and enjoy The same...