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5 years ago

In My Mind, You Matter

It's not about 'what's in your wallet', but what's really in your head.

You’re probably wondering where the voices in your head come from. I’m here to set the record straight. I wasn’t always so opinionated, but now I must speak up. Some call me the man in the moon. Well, that’s your easy definition! I’m neither man nor woman...

7 years ago

Tell Me A Story

Give me your gift.

Reality is heavy  Duty is steep  Tell me a story  To help me sleep It doesn’t need a hero  A middle or an endJust start with the wordsAnd let us begin Give me fearAnd hate and painSometimes, cryingReleases the strain Make me laughAnd dance and singGet los...

8 years ago

Big Black

Everyone is a friend at Clay Pond; with a few exceptions.

The Adventure into Nature Begins BIG BLACK Prelude To Clay Pond The story of Clay Pond is more than a legend; its an actual account of the lives of every one who ever lived here. Each creature was important, and no one was superior to any one else. The po...