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An Adventure of epic proportion a discovery of wild imagination Comes now to your mind with joy with the salty and the sweet   A day like no other day a moment like no other moment a place like no other place sharing the salty and the sweet   A time like...

Internal thoughts of a woman alone

As she sat there on the busy train, trying to blend in, he imagined her life

She was plain as paper. There was something very nondescript about her. The darkish, straight brows, the blue eyes that were just that - blue. Not a special blue, or a sparkling blue. They were neither light blue nor dark. Just blue. The oval face that wa...

In My Mind, You Matter

It's not about 'what's in your wallet', but what's really in your head.

You’re probably wondering where the voices in your head come from. I’m here to set the record straight. I wasn’t always so opinionated, but now I must speak up. Some call me the man in the moon. Well, that’s your easy definition! I’m neither man nor woman...

Fingertip to misted glassArcing, curving out,Then down -One sideThen the other -Tracing paths (so clear!)Through fogMeet below, a pointWhich wells, and grows,  Droplet slow, then faster falls -Weeping heartFades back to mist.

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A demon has taken over Lucy's imagination and now wants her soul.

Alone. My naked feet curled away from the biting gravel. I hugged my knees on the beheaded mountaintop as the wind ripped shawls of warmth from my back again and again. I cupped my hands over my chest, around the flickering light protected by my sternum:...

The Case of the Missing Z

Michael Zorn knew he was from another planet, he sure didn't feel like he belonged on this one.

Michael Zorn was angry. Every time a new teacher took over the class, the kids were moved around and seated alphabetically. For the teacher’s convenience. It didn’t matter how the kids felt about it. No more sitting next to his only friend, Josh Carter. A...


A picture is not always what it first appears to be.

Peering into the dawning skyPicture appears before my eye Clouds in the lightening blueGracefully floating grey in hue Looking at them as I yawnMy gaze is suddenly drawn I realize the clouds to beWaves on an endless sea

My imagination.

A poem about a small bump I took for granted..

I imagine you have my hair. My nose. Maybe my smile.your daddy's eyes that twinkleevery once in a while. I imagine you have his humour. His laugh and his chin.My heart shaped face and the colour of my skin. I imagine you have my tendency to be coy.Your da...

I fell for someone hardOnline.Seemed like the perfectFit for me.A number of steamyText messages and Instant messagesGave birth to Two hot stories.Everything came toA screeching halt.No connection online,No greeting on my profile,Not even a phone callTo he...