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Only If you know how to

"Wish I could Hug you"
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Published 6 years ago
Closing every tab on my computer and sending the last mail to the boss, I signed out of my computer. Sighed! Every work is completed. I packed my stuff and hurried towards the parking lot. Got into my car swiftly and drove towards my sweet home. On the way, I bought fresh flowers of vibrant colours as she always liked it. I peeked at my watch and it was 5.30pm, ten more minutes I said to myself as I glanced again at the watch that was her gift. A born crafter she was and the watch was one of her handmade gifts to me.

I reached home and rang the bell, as usual she peeked through the door scope and confirmed it was me, but she didn’t open the door. I waited some more minutes and banged the door. There was no response, but I heard her muffled giggle.

After a pause, I heard her voice “who is there?

Me with slightly irritated tone “your hubby, your soul mate, your lover.”

Giggling “exactly who you are.”

Controlling my anger and I said with a tone of sarcasm “Sadly, all the three.”

I waited for her reaction. As it happened before the thunder, her sudden silence made me think of the first fight we had, I was frightened all ready and was about to say something , she replied ,


“Hey babe, I am sorry, let me in honey.”


Me smiling “You forgot your own date of birth honey, that’s never happened”. It was her game to make me remember some important dates and I always sucked on it.

Do you want to COME IN or NOT?

“Okay okay…umm wait,” err I thought that was one difficult question, I hardly remembered mine and it was she who reminded. I wondered how girls were good with memory and the numbers. I started to think how my mum had a quarrel with my father when he didn’t wish her for the anniversary, it was pretty serious and our first fight when I forgot the day I proposed her. My trail of thoughts got disturbed when I heard her voice “I AM WAITING." 

I replied “can I have four options?”

Oh you want options, umm will give three

I was happy “YES please!”

Option a- What’s my date of birth,  option b - refer to a, 

option c - refer to b.

“HMM clever”

After a minute I replied “ Hey babe, look I don’t want us to feel old or more YOU, age is just a number , as long as you are with me you are my baby so however old you are, to me you will be cute little baby and I always will love you”.

After few seconds the door opened swiftly and she came running, hugged me tightly and screamed “I LOVE YOU TOO, you always know how to melt me.” 

I smiled and gave her fresh flowers “To the beautiful lady I ever met”.

She took it and came closer and kissed my lips softly and ran inside.

“HEY that’s cruel”

Oh poor baby, you want more huh! Not now Mr, later in the night giggling, I have to get ready now

“READY! where are we going?”

I know you very well love, so where we having dinner tonight?”" 

With hint of smile on my face “Damn! You ruined the surprise, my lady.”

Smiling she replied, “You are my other half babe so I know you very well."

“Well you are right, so get ready and when you planning to give my gift?”

She with wide eyes, “How the hell you knew?”" 

With evil smirk “Same babe, I know you too well.”

She laughing came to me and hugged me, “You my baby I love you very much." 

I whispered in her ear, “love you too, my love, now go get ready, it will take you an hour to get ready." 

"You know babe I don’t put makeup but just that I am choosier when it comes to dress, also I have to take bath now, max 20 minutes."

“May I join?” smiling ear to ear. 

Not now, Else we will be late,” winks. 

She went and I sat at the dining table resting my head and waiting for her.

After some time, I heard knocking on the table, it was irritating. I groggily lifted my head and thought she got ready, but I was seeing a man with a formal dress and a tie. In a jiffy I got up and rubbed my eyes to see my manager.

“I am sorry sir.”

Manager with a concerned voice, “You should let her go, dude.”

I apologized again and turned to walk away from him to the washroom. After some steps I stopped and wiping my tears I said, “only if you know how to."


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