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Anonymous 3 years ago


Presence, meaning, purpose,love, rain,air, happiness,beauty,smile, eyes, desire, life, dreams

Life would be meaningless without your love, the sound of the whispering rain on fallen leaves stirring up the fresh smell of air that has been scrubbed clean wasted without your heart to share it with.  Because without you there i...

CKAcres 5 years ago

Mr. Robin

Natures critters are such fun to watch.

Red breast gleams in the morning sun.Akin to a tapestry of pure copper spun. Singing a song to welcome your day.Early bird gets the worm, they do say. Watching you flit and chirp fills my heart.Making me beam, my days...

“Why did you miss your chance, you would have won this race. Don’t you know the prize money” my friend growled at me. Other day… When I was coming back after registering for the race, I heard a cute voice,“Daddy, you will win t...

Fewniks 6 years ago


Its always better when we are Together

There are no days I don't think of you You are always on my mind always My love for you Is forever and ever You are my always Your picture I see In my mind You are so beautiful always I listen to you...

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CaptNick 7 years ago

Thinking of you

Thinking of my love Kay

Sitting around. Thinking of your beautiful legs, beautiful sexy eyes,  hot lips, and sexy smile Thinking when can I  touch your legs, look into your eyes kiss your lips,  an...

CaptNick 7 years ago


How I see

I am parked, I wait for you to comesitting in this lot I see youin a red dress, in red 5" heelswith the perfect smileI see your brown beautiful eyes shy smilesexy ass and legsI walk up to you 

Daisy 9 years ago

Doughball Boy and The Bakeryboo Finding You Summer Holiday

What does a doughball turn into when he Finds Himself?

This story only available on Stories SpaceOnce upon time, in the land of Bakeryboo, there was a little town called Puddington. At the northern end of Puddington, was Apple Tart Lane. And at the end of Apple Tart Lane, was a little house cal...

Daisy 9 years ago


Every Ginga's different, but they all bring me joy.

Big ones, small ones,Ones with boogly eyes;Tall ones, fat ones,Ones with thunderthighs;Good ones, bad ones,Holy ones that pray;Naughty ones, pathetic ones,Ones that laze all day;Ones that bounce off ceilings,Ones that b...