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Even an experienced adventurer can encounter hiccups along the way

The tropical island's wharf suddenly jumped to life as the long strides of the seasoned pilot sounded on it's sodden planks. A young port officer hesitantly approached the advancing aviator.

"I've got time for everything else kid, but I don't have time for subtlety, and I sure as hell don't have time for eloquent prose," the tall ex air force captain stated while pushing past the younger and greener man.

"But, but..." was all the young man had time to stammer.

"If you want to get anywhere kid, don't get interested in money," the brush pilot gruffly advised. "Get interested in doing things that mean something, something that ignites your imagination. Forget about dreams of profits, because there aren't any kid." 

"Yeah, but..." the young officer responded in protest.

The weathered adventurer ignored the young man while taking a hurried inventory of the canvas packed gear piled in front of his '37 Grumman Goose twin engine seaplane.

"Things change kid, do something different, you'll be ahead of the crowd. That's where you really want to be kid, don't ever be a follower."

The port officer adjusted his ill-fitting uniform and opened his mouth to speak but was abruptly stepped on by the seaplane's pilot anxious to depart.

"Women, kid, women. Sure they're all nice and sweet when they're tryin' ta ground ya, but wait, oh brother just wait. Love 'em, leave 'em. make 'em wait for ya but just keep flyin' high into the horizon kid, just keep flyin' high."

"Yeah, but....yeah, but...." the younger man fidgeted.

"Yeah but? Yeahbut's live in the woods kid, spit it out," shouted the pilot impatiently.

"You've missed three payments on your plane loan and the bank's reposesed it," blurted the man.

"......well, I sure as HELL don't have time for that."

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