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micro fiction

Have We Met Before

Surely we know each other

The girl walks down the sidewalk from the direction of the school. She's familiar for some reason. You don't know her but she seems like someone you have known. Makes no sense. You stumble, then continue approaching. It's hard not to glance up. Girls hate...

The Age of Innocence

So many times before, so many times again

It has never escaped your memory. It lives within you still. Pulsing along the veins of your passions. The innocence revealed. It never passed away. It stayed until you remembered once again. Forever recalled each amazing satisfaction you discovered once...

Behind the Image

Looking over your shoulder

There is an image looking over your shoulder.  Don't fall asleep. Not now, not too soon. Not before your season comes again. The sleeping season.  Another time may free you of the mystery and you may sail, sail away. How odd, how strange. If you wish to s...

Healing Hands

Touch me with your healing hands

She puts her sewing down and leans over lifting her sweater from behind.  "Here, before I sit down, put your healing hands on my back." Rubbing his palms together, warming them, he finds the bad spot where the pain is. She sighs, "That feels so good, hon....

She Never Forgot

Kindness is learned at any age

"When I was young I had a dog. My parents decided that we couldn't afford it. It was the Depression." She told the story once more. Their mother had told it before. They always tried to understand. "It was on Christmas Eve. I cried that night. My dog came...

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The Whacking of the Trees

It was all she could do for her heart and her soul

  Whack!  Whack! There was a long pause and then, once again... Whack! She tossed the fallen limb down onto the forest floor beside the trail. It had served its purpose. Then she nodded at the hikers who were passing hesitantly by her along the pathway. ...

Never Forget the Good Times

The pup has the memory of an elephant

Ding Dong! The doorbell rings. Opening the door. "Trick or treat!" Out the door goes the pup. Romping about with visitors.   Each one gets the same. Handing out goodies. Asking each one what they are. Really! Oh, perfect! "Get back in, Victor." And they a...


They must be what they can be.

Long story short as they used to say. The two of them cannot be intimate. It is not within their ability now. So the question is does it really matter? Does it actually make their emotions and their feelings and their truth less important to them? Do they...

Is This Depressing

Is it time yet... is it time

They look up at the clock. The question in their mind is this. Is it time yet? If it is time for the pill then maybe they'll feel a little better pretty soon.  When they take the pill, when it is time, it does get pretty good. Life becomes pretty good. So...