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I've been a professional artist and musician for over thirty years and I currently pursue a lifestyle of off-the-grid homesteading. I'm continuing life's journey, accepting and creating new challenges and living life more simply. I try to improve my powers of observation and perception everyday and also try to listen to my intuition more. Its important what you do with the time you have. I have earned a B.S. Educ. degree I am a professional fine and commercial artist I am a professional trumpet player, jazz, pop/rock, classical music I am a fledgling writer and blogist. I practice a self-sufficient, off-the-grid lifestyle

Art, music, reading, homesteading, simplicity.

Favorite Authors
Updike, Steinbeck, Heinlein, Boorstin, Saroyan, many more

Favorite Movies
eclectic and off beat

Favorite Music
mostly jazz
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At the Fair

Retired postal worker goes to county fair to relax, but finds something amiss.

Gus attended the county fair for some well earned leisure time and an afternoon filled with relaxed thoughts. He was a recent retiree from his career as a U.S. Postoffice mail sorter. He had spent long, painstaking hours accurately sorting mail, and packa...