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The Dream Queen

An ample woman and her tubby hubby were nestled on the couch. He was watching football and her eyes were waltzing over the pages of Romeo and Juliet. 

Look babe! There I am!” and he pointed to a number on TV that matched the jersey he was wearing...She patted his round tummy with a smile.

”The ball?” she said.

It’s hard to concentrate on a book while in a room with a loud TV, but she valiantly pressed on, eyes dancing one word forward and two back, one line up and two down, before settling on a name. Queen Maab, who rides in a carriage made from half a hazelnut shell, with a gnat as a coachman and moths as horses…and her eyes dropped a curtsy to end the dance.

On the back of the couch, behind the couple, sat the chariot of Queen Maab. The fairy queen noted the experience, and sent the man a dream about being the ball in the Super Bowl, and she gave the woman a dream of her husband sweeping her off her feet in Romeo style, dream-seeds to be played through their sleeping that night.

She flew out the back door and landed on the dog who began dreaming of getting his feet muddy and leaving tracks everywhere in the house and couch while being screamed at. His feet began twitching in his sleep.

She flew across the forest to a one-point buck deer that was sleeping, curled in the brush. She gave him a dream of fighting a huge buck with his tiny horns and winning all the does for himself.

She flew past squirrels and gave them dream-seeds so they would have night visions of pirates who steal nuts.

Queen Maab even went under the water in the stream and gave dream seeds to fish who would dream of sniffing out the small creatures that encrust themselves with small rocks.

She swept over farmland and gave the fat old pony a dream of being a wild mustang, running free on the open range.

She fluttered into the barnyard and gave the setting hen a dream of proudly strutting around with her brood of chicks.

She gave a standing cow who was snoozing a dream of kicking her milker and escaping to green fields to raise a beautiful calf.

The dream queen flew through the barn giving a spider a dream about roping flies with a lasso as they flew by.

Queen Mab flew all night, across many countries, spreading dream seeds everywhere.

On a Sunday morning she came to a town and flew into a church where a small girl lay sleeping on her mother's lap. She dreamed of heaven. A used car salesman in the back dozed and dreamed of God blessing him with so many car sales that he could buy all kinds of wonderful things. Later the preacher dreamed much the same thing.

She flew through the streets and gave a cop a dream about his boss finding him sleeping in his car. His partner dreamed about eating so many donuts that he couldn't fit in or out of the car.

She flitted up a steep building, into a hospital room, and gave a dying man a last glimpse of home and his mother.

Then she flew down the other side of the building to a homeless man who had glimpsed a “72 Challenger on the street. One just like the muscle car he bought when he got back from Nam. She gave him a dream-seed about finding one parked in an abandoned factory where he normally slept, he would dream of pulled the cover off its black and shiny body, sliding behind the wheel and driving around town with cops chasing him gloriously.

On she flew until she had touched the whole world with her dreams. Then she went home to the North Pole and went into her house, where she found Nick, her husband sitting on the couch.

“Why did I marry a work-a-colic! Why can't you just send people dreams once or twice a year , and work like I do? I miss your cooking. The elves can hardly make Ramon Noodles right.....” said Nick.

“Oh I don't think you're suffering.” She said as she snuggled down next to him on the couch and patted him on his ample tummy. He was a balding man with a long white flowing beard. He was watching football.

“There I am.” Nick said, pointing at a player on TV, as she nodded off.

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