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The Fallout

"The Wolf Dream Trio Part Two"

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Only a few days passed, I spent the first day screaming and pounding at Jake. He lied to Kayla and me about being a werewolf. I also used that fit of rage to blame him for Kayla’s death. He waited for me to calm down. After that, we stuck together, constantly moving forward, getting as much distance between that monster and us as possible.

We finally, expelled our constrained breaths, thinking that we were safe from it for the moment, but quickly realized that no matter how far we ran, it will find us.

The sky turned gold and the clouds an ashen black. All around people screamed and panicked, no doubt some will claim it was God’s wrath. I would tell them it was quite the opposite, but that involved me in talking about a subject I disliked a lot, and ignorant people were hard to reason with.

I stared at the sky in horror, the black clouds swirled into elongated fingers, stretching out to the ground. The formations of the funnel clouds were hypnotic and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was the only one affected.

Jake yanked me hard, shouting in my ear, "Come on, Dani!" I began to think that it was his favorite phrase to shout at me.

We ran to Wal-Mart, that place had everything! Everyone else ran out of the building as we charged inside.

I figured that because there was impending doom lurking outside, we might as well raid the place of food and necessities. Jake ordered me to find some carts to carry the stuff in as he scooped up bags of junk food.

Something pulled me outside, when I knew I shouldn't step in the direction of the door. I managed to find myself walking out into the open and allowing the wind to lift me up into the air.

My mind screamed for me to come to my senses, but I couldn't register the thought that I was in danger. Not until Jake burst outside. His face turned pale and his eyes widened. "DANI! DON'T LOOK UP!" I didn't look up, I looked past him as several dark shadows grabbed hold of his limbs and began to strangle him.

I tried to call out to him, but instead I looked up and a white light engulfed me.
Written by Anonymous
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