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WriterGirl 2 months ago

The Monster In Her Life

In a cabin by the woods...

She flees his clutches, running for the trees as he spews threatening words through rancid, liquored breath. He doesn't follow her, fearing the rumored monster living within the forest. He appears - the golden-eyed wolfman. As he licks her wounds, s...

verbal 3 months ago


What makes a monster?

My grandmother tried to kill me in my crib when I was two months old. She’s dead now. Did I kill her? I don’t know. It’s not a simple question, and there are no simple answers. All I remember is being covered in blood, her blood, as I lay in m...

valentineking 7 years ago

The Boot

A driver hopes to dispose of the woman locked in his boot but a passing cop has other ideas...

He hadn't seen anyone since he passed that police car on the other side of the forest. Finally he thought it was safe to pull over, swerving onto the verge and killing the engine. The countryside seemed so quiet compared to the blasting noise of the stere...

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DiVitto 7 years ago

Pumpkin and Vine

Something peculiar is growing in Mr. Rey's back yard.

“Oh my God Tommy, pull over, pull over!” Maria Casanova squawked, grabbing her husband’s rock-solid shoulder. He slammed on the brakes, making an abrupt right-hand turn up a shabby, weed-filtered gravel driveway. Tommy parked the car under a soaring, life...

lunaswift 7 years ago

The Flat Man

The Flat Man can fit between your mattress and your bed base, waiting for you to fall asleep

“And that was when they realised it was the babysitter that had been killed. The murderer was wearing her clothes.” Kev sat back, triumphant. That was surely the story to beat them all. To his satisfaction most of the other kids round the campfire...

lunaswift 7 years ago

Life Sentence

What lurks behind the bricked up wall in E-Wing? There's only one way to find out.

“What’s in cell 119?” Albertson looked up at me for the first time since I’d sat down. I’d been building up the courage to ask about 119 for ten minutes, but his expression made me wish I’d kept my mouth shut. He leaned across the desk, examining...

Anonymous 7 years ago

The Fallout

The Wolf Dream Trio Part Two

Only a few days passed, I spent the first day screaming and pounding at Jake. He lied to Kayla and me about being a werewolf. I also used that fit of rage to blame him for Kayla’s death. He waited for me to calm down. After that, we stuck together, const...

Poetic_Justice 8 years ago

The Little Angel

This is for EVERY child that has been hurt by the monsters among us.

I was only six,By now I would be eleven,But that stranger hurt me,Now I'm in Heaven,I watch over my sisters, And my little brother,I know they are safe,He can't hurt another,He came into my room, When I was asleep,S...

CLMcKenzie 8 years ago


The demon of Anderson Ranch meets his match

I have no name. I have never concerned myself with names. I been living in the Anderson Ranch for the past...I do not even know. I been through so many families, they all look the same to me. Every so often, a family moves in, and I chase them away from...

The creature had lived in Maple Rapids all his life, even though he did not know where he came from, did not know how he came to be. He lived in the roots of a large tree. The tree sat next to the Maple River, the roots were partly underwater. What no one...