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The Legend of Lover's Lane

"Ignore it, it's just the wind"
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Published 1 year ago
Competition Entry: Cheers to 10 Years Flash

They drove out after the Halloween drive-in movie. They didn't have dates. They just cruised by the lover's lane along the railroad tracks, slowly passing by a car or two to ogle and razz. Wilmer flashed the headlights of his convertible Mercury.

Bored with that the boys stood beside his car looking down the railway line. The moon was in and out behind clouds.

They discussed it. "It's so cool. Let's do it!"

Jay glanced at Wilmer. "No way man. You're crazy."

Bobby chimed in, "Let's just try." 

The argument ended as it always did. Wilmer decided. He drove his car up the road grade, onto the tracks. The wheels fit the rails perfectly letting some air out of each tire.

Now cruising down the line, gaining speed, giggling like free kids.

Never done this before, it was a rumored activity among high school boys. They joined the exciting local myth. The cool night air was gliding over their upturned smiling faces, arms resting on the window sills.

Wilmer yodeled loudly as they moved. Suddenly his voice echoed as the car entered a tunnel. So dark out they hadn't noticed it coming. His mouth closed but the yodeling seemed to continue. WOOAH-WOOAH!

Straight ahead a light was coming. 

"Get off the track!" yelled Jay. 

"There's nowhere to go," Wilmer screamed. 

"Stop the car, stop," cried Bobby.


Christy and Tommy pulled apart. "What's that," she whispered in fear. 

"Nothing, babe. Just wind in the tunnel. Forget it."

They leaned into each other, kissing as the Halloween train rumbled past Lover's Lane. 



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