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Tams 1 year ago

In The Midst Of Chaos

One single moment is all it takes.

It was a day Lincoln High School would never forget. Thirty-five white mice with beady-red eyes scurrying the halls like inmates set free in a jailbreak. Susie had never told any of us her plan. Maybe that was because it wasn’t a plan, per...

She smiles from deep within  Not caring who sees  She’s in love, my dear  For her heart is finally free   She fears no anger  Nor negative vibes  She has her prince  A love not all can find    She ignores the jabs  The...

As free as a sparrow Gliding through the skies Wings spread wide Flying free Searching the heavens Looking for the unknown Caught in the morning sunrise Looking towards the seas  As the day t...

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A Willing Prisoner Of Love I am your prisoner, as sure as there's love. Bound in a cage like a single white dove. To spread my wings with no place to fly; Will you set me free or watch me die. With a tear...

I hear you calling my name, But I can’t come home to you. I feel the wind blow across my plains,It’s calming my fears. I listen to the river tell me its tales;It’s soothing my soul. Under these starry skiesMy though...

Philena- The Box

I'm writing more of her story, so she decided I should write this poem...insanity? Nah...Me = WRITER

------------------------------------- This work contains language and subject matter which some readers may find disturbing or offensive. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its en...

ladysharon 8 years ago

I Choose

A declaration

I choose to become an independent author I choose to write organically I choose my friends wisely I choose to say “NO!” when something doesn’t feel right in my soul I choose my destinations in life I choo...

steffanie 9 years ago

Walker, A Good Lovin' Guy

I'm Dave and I'm not gay. OK?

Here she comes, the sweetest, sexiest, most loveliest girl in the whole department, the delightful Rachael. What any guy wouldn't give for a date with such a desirable angel. "There you go, Dave." she says to me. "White with no sugar."...