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The Love of Death

"To love what is already gone brings faith to live in one"
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The Love of Death

News and stocks constantly changing, but one night more than just a percentage goes down. The old heart of ones love stops beating. Still conscious, increasing feeling of coldness, he mumbles in vowels & driveling.
Not knowing what to do, his lover takes him to bed where he continues to shake in pain and agony. The arthritis could be affecting his nerves but it is really his heart that continues to fail. Turning blue and losing air, the old man shakes his head, no, when she suggests to call an ambulance, for he knows his time has come but she won't face it.

Noticing his condition is worsening, she rushes to the telephone to call in a emergency. Twenty years apart, she should have known this time would come. But not a tear is dropped until she is in the emergency room hoping for the best but expecting the worse.

A nurse walks up to her and asks, "Were you the one who called the ambulance for this man?".

"Yes, ma'am," the old lover utters, sobbing as she does so.

"You saved this man's life!" the nurse exclaims.

Relieved but speechless, the nurse takes her to the room he is being held in. He moans her name, sensing her presence, but she is unable to reply. She simply just grasps his hand and sits beside him.

"The pain is unbearable. I know he'll come for me again."

"Who?" she asks.

"It doesn't matter, just know I will always be in here," he mumbles, pointing to her heart.

He then closes his eyes not to open them again, or so he thinks. He flat-lines and his old lover panics and rushes to get help. Doctors rush in to save him and are successful in doing so. He is revived.

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