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Good morning young lady, what a lovely day today. Don’t you agree? Truly smashing for this time of year. Do you remember? Of course, you don’t, you’re too young to remember, but years ago, the High Street always had flowers outside the shops. It was al...

An old couple meet at a coffee shop. “Harry! How are you doing?!” “Hilda! I’m doing well.” They hug and Harry pulls Hilda’s seat out for her, removing his hat and putting it on the table. “Can I get you something?” Hilda asks. “Just my u...

Tams 1 year ago


A home’s spirit lives evermore.

Worn paint flakes off her aged walls. Countless stories that soaked themselves into the sheetrock now float untethered with the dust. Her spirit stands proud, but her frame lumps under gravity. Heavy. Slowly dying in the unrelenting wi...

CKAcres 4 years ago

Reality of War

Peace never comes when the perils of war are taken lightly.

The perils of war, are furrowed deep in the memory of many, escape seems unobtainable, within the confines of minds young and old.Those who were lost, are not only those who perished in the conflicts many, but those who wer...

Malvia_Somanna 5 years ago

The Shut Closet

She covered the closet with a curtain and waited for the day to come when she would be covered too!

There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the corner of the street where the famous door read, ’221b Baker Street.' Of course, it was not the entry or the exit of Sherlock Holmes and his paparazzi. It was the next door. A large parcel was being shifted to t...

Amazing memories, never made Thousand stories, left untold Little wishes that died in heart, Of living together growing old Your portrait that I never sketched Reflection of me that wasn't even true

Sparkle 7 years ago

When We Get Old

How much have we changed by the time we get old?

What if we change What if we stop being us Will we still want us? When we get old… What if I change What if I can’t smile anymore Will you help me smile? When we get old… What if you...

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Circle_Something 8 years ago


One bully gets what he deserves. If only other bullies could get the same.

Punch him down to the ground,Kick an old man when he’s down.Yeah, that’s your style, isn’t it?Cowardly bastard.Fight fair and square? You can’t!But you’re getting yours, aren’t you?Sitting black and blue in that hospital bed, i...

ThorRedskinLight 8 years ago

The Love of Death

To love what is already gone brings faith to live in one

The Love of Death News and stocks constantly changing, but one night more than just a percentage goes down. The old heart of ones love stops beating. Still conscious, increasing feeling of coldness, he mumbles in vowels & driveling....

CKAcres 9 years ago

New Year

A New Year is ready to be ushered in, a past one ready to be archived.

Wouldn't it be great if all of our pain,could be released like the cork,from a bottle of champagne. Rocketing high, coming to rest on the floor,pressure released, flying away, never to be felt, forever more. A New Year is r...

Patrick 10 years ago


Effect of Dementia

Lately, I've been looking at my grandpa's face trying to rewind it back to when he was younger; try to picture the face without all the wrinkles and wither. This is the second person I have had to help take care of while they slowly disintegrate and die....

This came about for the fact I am slowly restoring an old Ladies frame bicycle a friend gave me so she is my old lady now :)The old lady rides againOld bike new partsNew rider new adventures togetherRide her fast ride her hard