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The Greengrocer washed his hands in cabbage juice every morning; It gave his skin that crisp yet supple flavour one looks for in a father figure. He had hoped this would improve his, frankly, dismal yam sales, but alas it only hastened his metamorphosi...

sbyrne 3 years ago

Born Sleeping

Poem about loss

You were born with your eyes closed What colour they were, I’ll never know Your chest was still, but you felt warm Your face was beautiful, with skin so soft My tears were wet, they ran down my cheeks My sobs were loud, but no-one cared...

amyjayne 3 years ago

The Clock of Life

Tomorrow is not promised

The clock of life is mostly sweet But sometimes it goes sour The clock is only wound up once Make the best of every hour   Time marches on it’s true to say It won’t wait for any man Don’t try to turn the clock back Because I don...

He raised his hand once more She knew the pain would be intense If she could just not cry Not make a sound she prayed Go away Think of anything but the pain Go to your safe place she thought Run

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ThorRedskinLight 8 years ago

The Love of Death

To love what is already gone brings faith to live in one

The Love of Death News and stocks constantly changing, but one night more than just a percentage goes down. The old heart of ones love stops beating. Still conscious, increasing feeling of coldness, he mumbles in vowels & driveling....

A fire burning deep under my skinA siren blaring in my brainThis is the fate I liveHolding on through all the noiseRipping through all the painThis is the fate I liveWatching all the happy peopleKnowing I can't connect