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Stolen Love

I have so much love for the arts and anything creative. It just sets my heart on fire, and that's why I'm always trying out different things here and there.

I was trying to do a little bit of writing. I get my inspiration mostly from my friend Anthony Chansa. I swear this person can write no lie and my aim is to be even at least half as good as him.

It is the tiny piece of writing I did last night when I couldn't sleep. It's not that good, and the grammar may be terrible and some spelling mistakes here and there. I didn't proofread, how embarrassing.

Please take time to look at it even though reading may not be your thing. It's just a short thing; it won't take much of your time.

It was mid-November during the rainy season. Summer was long gone and a thing of the past. The daily drizzle was something I was now getting used to. The rains didn't bother me much. I always carried my coat and umbrella with me.

I always left work at 6 pm every day, but this day I left a little late around 6:30 pm because I had a lot of work to do and I wanted to be done and stay clear the coming week.

I shut down my laptop and quickly packed it into my bag as I grabbed my coat and umbrella.

I walked out of the building and was out on the street meeting the usual drizzle. I walked over to the pedestrian crossing and waited for the road to clear.

It was days like this that I wished I had a car, but I had no money for that at the time. I was only a junior writer in a press company.

As the street was safe enough for me to cross, I made it the other side of the road and made my way to the subway to get on a train home.

I had only made a few steps when I saw her. Her flawless skin, beautiful blue eyes and red stained lips. She was indeed a sight to see. The love of my life. I could have sworn I loved her with every breath in me, but I only wished she knew who I was.

I had been crushing on her for the past few months. She worked as a banker in the bank just opposite my work. I'd stalked her a few times and got a little information about her.

Her name was Anna, and she resided in Seattle. Unfortunately, that's all I knew about her. But from the way she dressed I could tell she was a classy and wealthy woman. The type of woman who would not have eyes for a poor man like me.

I was so engrossed in thought about her in a way that I did not notice myself following her. A few times she'd look back and smile at me. Or was she?

I was a little confused. It was almost unbelievable. This sophisticated woman could have eyes for a man like me? It was nearly impossible. A few times I'd pinch myself in the side just to make sure I was wide awake.

I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts by two excited kids shouting "mummy" excitedly. Anna suddenly opened her arms wide as they ran for a warm embrace. They were soon joined by a man slightly older than myself. He was well dressed in a black slim fit suit and carried an umbrella. I figured he must be her husband.

I couldn't believe what an idiot I had been. Of course, a beautiful woman like her had to be married. It was stupid of me to think I had a chance with her. I was crushed more when I saw him peck her lips, and later each one of them picked up a child as they walked to their car.

I watched them drive away as I stood there dumbfounded. Then it finally hit me. I had followed her too long, and now I was very far away from the subway. I had a long distance walking back. I felt heartbroken. But that was stupid because she didn't even know I existed.

Finally, I was home in my small apartment. I sat down and felt so empty. But I knew I had to work on forgetting about her sooner or later. It was going to be hard, but I had to do it anyway. I had to convince myself that she was taken and off limits. She belonged to another man and I had to let her go.

Probably one day I'd meet someone meant for me, but until then I decided to work on improving my career and make a better life for myself.
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