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"On the golf course you can’t always iron out your differences."
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Published 8 years ago

Dreamcatcher, Larry, wrote a story last month ‘I’m Arnold Palmer’ which reminded me of a joke;

Jesus and Moses were playing golf one day. They approached a par three hole where the green was located on an island in a large pond. The green was accessed by a long pathway from the left side of the green to the shore. It was a fairly long shot from the tee to the green across the pond. Needless to say, a lot of golf balls were lying on the bottom of the pond.

Moses tees up and uses a six-iron. The ball clears the water by two feet and bounces up to rest about three feet from the pin.

Jesus says, “Great shot Moses.”

Moses graciously nods his head and replies, “Thank You. I used a six-iron, what are you going to use?”

Jesus looks across the water and says, “Arnold Palmer played this hole last month. He used a seven-iron, so I’ll use a seven-iron.”

A concerned Moses says to Jesus, “I used a six-iron and I just cleared the water. You don't usually drive as far as I do, so you should use a five-iron.”

Jesus pulls his seven-iron out of his golf bag and gives Moses a serious look before saying, “If Arnold Palmer can make it with a seven-iron, then so can I.”

Jesus tees up the ball, readies himself and hits the ball square with a mighty swing of his club. The golf ball sail high into the air and straight at the hole, but it lands ten feet short of the green. Splash! The ball sinks to the bottom of the pond.

Jesus shakes his head and turns to Moses saying, “Gosh, that was my last ball, what am I going to do?”

Moses smiles and replies “Don’t worry about it. I'll be glad to get it for you.”

Moses walks over to the pond and parts the water. He walks down along the bottom of the pond and retrieves the wet ball. He walks back to the shore and allows the water to return to its original resting place. He walks to Jesus and hands him his golf ball.

He then says, “Now you have your golf ball back. This time please use a five-iron.”

Jesus tees up the ball and says to Moses, “If Arnold Palmer can make it with a seven-iron, then so can I.”

Jesus hits the ball again with the same results. Splash! Moses parts the water and gets the golf ball for Jesus again.

“Jesus, please use a five-iron. You can't make this shot with a seven-iron.” Moses pleads.

Jesus says, “If Arnold Palmer can make the shot with a seven-iron, then so can I.”

Moses shakes his head in disbelief and says, “If you hit it in the pond again with a seven-iron, I won't get your golf ball for you.”

“That's fine.” says Jesus. “I can make it with a seven-iron just like Arnold Palmer.”

He tees up and swings away using his seven-iron with the same wet results. Splash!

Moses looks at Jesus and says, “I’m not getting your golf ball for you this time.”

Looking perturbed, Jesus replies, “I’ll get it myself.”

Jesus walks over to the edge of the pond and hesitates only a moment before striding out onto the top of the water. He walks around on the water, looking down into its depths, trying to find his golf ball.

Another group of golfers approaches the tee and stop dead in their tracks, dumbfounded to see a person walking across the top of the pond.

Moses turns to them and says, “I’m sorry, he’ll find his ball in a moment and then you can play through.”

One of the golfers shakes his head as if he doesn’t believe his eyes and says, “I don’t understand. What is he doing? How is he walking on the water? Who does he think he is, Jesus?”

Moses gives the golfer an apologetic look and says, “No, he thinks he’s Arnold Palmer.”

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