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I'm retired. I served my country until they made me go home. I was an Associate Professor and tried to teach young people about their subject and life as a whole. I have a marvelous wife in the world, Liz (LizLytle), here on Stories Space. We have been together through the good times and the bad times for more than 39 wonderful years. I have two sons that anyone would be proud of, two daughters-in-law that are really just my daughters, and 5 bright stars for all of our futures, my grandchildren. (two girls and three boys) I hereby declare myself one of the luckiest men ever born!

I can be connected at:

People. In the long run that is all that matters. I'm looking for any proof that this is not a dream.

Favorite Books

Favorite Authors
Liz Lytle and Rebs

Favorite Movies
Being There, A Man From Earth, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Buckaroo Banzai, Serenity (and especially Firefly the TV series), Wizards, In the Loop, Perfect Pitch (loved the music and the cup song)

Favorite TV Shows
The Daily Show was. Sure miss my guy, Jon Stewart. SNL especially the SNL News.

Favorite Music
Peter, Paul & Mary, Iron Maiden, Simon & Garfunkel, Dead Kennedys, Satchmo
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The Wish

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Three men had been friends for most of their lives, from elementary school through college. They had even been working at the same firm since graduation. In their late twenties, they decided to go on vacation together to a remote tropical resort. Their na...

My Enemy

Anger is never your friend.

I have seen the enemyMy foe, my cause to stopThey are evil, no doubtirrational violence unending Their acts are heinousMy anger hot as magmadesirous of apoplectic revengeblackening my heart I cannot mirror their hatredCondemning my own soulPatience is my...

The Blue Hunter - It Begins (part 1)

Who is the mysterious intruder on the backstreets of Bliss? Please let me introduce you.

The full moon was not high enough to illuminate the narrow back street lane of the town of Bliss. The unkempt condition of the boarded sidewalk was an indication of the populace. There are few good reasons for people to tread into rough portions of the to...