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A Birthday Tribute For My Angel Face

The birth of an angel; A kiss from Heaven

32 years ago today at exactly 5:16 pm God blessed me with a beautiful, healthy 6lb. 9oz, 19" long angel. I named my angel Katherine Elizabeth.

She was called Katy from the beginning unless she was in trouble, (which wasn't often), then it was her full name. The look on her sweet face when she heard this was comical in the fact that she couldn't believe what she was hearing and would smile innocently and begin batting her eyelashes.

Yes even at the tender age of three she had this trick down pat and used it quite effectively to charm her way out of almost any kind of trouble she got in.

When Katy was about two years old, I began calling her My Angel Face. A nickname that stayed my special name for her throughout her life and continues to this day.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about and miss My Angel Face, and with every thought, I issue a profoundly grateful and heartfelt thank you to God for allowing me the honor and privilege of having Katy with me for as long as I did. Watching her grow into the amazing person she was flourishing into more each day as she became a young woman on the verge of a wonderful life.

Of course, it goes without saying that in the back of my mind there is and always will be the, 'if only' and the, 'what if.' That's only natural, and though I try, I can't avoid it.

So, to honor Katy's memory properly and do justice to who she was as a person and what she represented, I must not dwell on those; instead, I will think of all the many wonderful memories we made together as well as those I know she made with family and friends.

I'd like to share one memory my mother reminded me of recently that is so precious; though I didn't see it and mom wasn't able to capture it on film, the thought of it is etched into my memory, as it is into my mothers.

Katy was about three years old when this took place. Mom was watching her for the day; they were in Mom's large backyard. Toward the back fence, there were many tall trees and flowering vines, the flowers on the vines attracted butterflies by the dozens.

Mom was close to the house watching as Katy walked to the fence, staring in wonder and delight at all the beautiful butterflies. While in the midst of all the butterflies, she stopped and turned back to say something to my mother. In that instant, a single butterfly landed on Katy's cheek. She stood completely still and lowered her eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of it. 

She never tried to touch it, so it stayed on her cheek for a few beats of its wings before gently flying away. Katy continued to stand there for a short time, I suppose with the hope that another would alight on her again.

When this comes to mind, I like to think of it as Katy getting a kiss from Heaven through the touch of one of God's most beautiful and delicate creations.

To my sweet, beautiful daughter, Happy Birthday My Angel Face. Until we see each other again, always remember, I love you infinitely and miss you more than words can say. Mommy


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