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Sitting here flashbacking to the summer of ’72 when Nixon went for a second term, but we really didn’t think about that and tried to just tried to hang out and do our own thing, Hanging around outside on a beautiful day walking along in shorts, bellbottoms, sandals, or tennis shoes, or to be out cruising the neighborhood on a bike and occasionally listening to music on a transistor radio. That was carried along set to the favorite AM station trying to hear our favorite song(s). We had no CD’s, VCR, DVD, cell phones or the World Wide Web,-
Or the rest of the crap that we all seem to accumulate and carry around with us today, and hanging out with friends in the neighborhood was a lot more important then and never texted them. Instead we just headed over to see if they were in and never thought of spending the day inside, and there never was a good reason to stay inside just knew if we did we were grounded and in trouble then.

Hanging out with nothing to do or just go riding on a bike was the cool thing to do. Feeling the wind in our hair and doing what we planned like ditch fishing, swimming, or playing baseball, and still we brought along a transistor radio to carry the music along and listened to the DJ on AM radio. Guessing on the contests and waiting for the song we knew would be coming on at no set time, and we might have to wait but we knew it would be played. It was a whole different game played back then just hanging out in the neighborhood,-
With just three channels on the TV and the networks seemed to make an effort then and not show crap like they do now and reality things didn’t hold sway and we learned things about the world we lived in. With each of the three networks having a night that they ruled with us, and most of us saw the same thing, and we would lay in bed at night and still listened to the radio with it turned low or with an earphone in. And occasionally we’d get told to turn that damn thing down or just turn it off.

Things were changing in ’75 with Vietnam ending and Nixon and his gang being sent down, and we were all changing on both the in and outside and FM was taking the place of our old friend AM on radio. Still we did pretty much a lot of the same things and girls were now being discovered and included in some things, and some of us did stupid things and got in a little trouble and sometimes had a visit from the police man. We worked for our spending money and not given an outright free ride like most are given now, and not all of us played in the games and got to watch from the sidelines as our parents looked on with us. And all of us were taught to win and to lose with that get you next time smile.

In ’76 the Bicentennial was celebrated and was a politician’s dream, as all seemed to catch the fever dream of the event and wrapped the flag up all over the place. Some things were new then and we had the first appointed President and to have HBO to watch and cable was cool. And some of the crap we accumulate and carry today was just starting to come about and change some things. But, not all and we still did some of the things we did back before they came out. Then we started going to concerts in ’77 and remember seeing the original Beach Boys play,-
And traveled home listening to the eight track tapes that were on their way out as cassettes took over, and music being listened to more on FM instead of AM radio as disco took hold and we hunted for rock and roll. Till Bob Dylan with Blood on the Tracks and Bruce Springsteen with Born to Run took it out and laid it low. As the AM airwaves slowly changed to a wilderness of religion and Mexican stations as we switched over to FM radio. We still rode around with friends and did it with the windows rolled down as jobs and dates became more important things.

We all walked across the stage in ’80 and started to do our own thing, and now when things seem to get stupid there isn’t anyplace we really need to go to, we just pick up the phone and occasionally talk about those days when we would listen to AM radio.

We liked Pop, Rock, Blues, and Soul, but Never liked Rap or Disco!

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