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Observation in Active Pose

a flashback of a moment - in poetic free verse -

There was a girl I knew, once upon a yesteryear On an ordinary day - with the sky so clear They were the best days of one’s life College. So much to learn…and unlearn The yearning urges of puberty grow in volume No more bedtimes or parental on-looking Alo...

September 11

How I remember September in 8th grade

Flash Back Age 12“What's going on?”“Some guy accidentally crashed a plane into a building in the city”Laughs.“No. Really. People are dead.”Laughs stop.“What? Like a large plane?”“Yea”Just then a teacher went by crying... a male teacher. Skyler, who's conc...


How much can things change in 10 years?

First ’What the hell am I doing here?’ That was my primary thought as I stood here at the high school reunion, 10 years after we all graduated. I was actually surprised they invited me. After all, I hadn’t been in this class for more than a year. I guess...