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Alberta Clipper 3: Fifteen Minute Flame(s)

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Standing here taking in all of what was seen, and wondering if I act accordingly will each minute count for something in all eternity? With conviction seeming to be following all the accusations made, and the crimes and misdemeanors are all clearly undefined with them still giving away time to be served of some kind. While all look around for their possibilities down by the riverside, as the leaves slowly turn brown with hope being held onto in what is seeming to be the weaving of time in the form of a tapestry, and still the seasons seem to change like the scenery and just as fast. With most pretending that the still have their hopes and wishing they can rebuild all again. As I ask if you will remember me and the reams of unpublished sheets full of writing?

One dream with one chance to be chosen, with the way it seems to be an eternity which appears to be a long way coming. With some things remaining as lies of the heart, and I know that the closer to the fire one stands the easier it is to get burned, I know I can’t offer tangible proof of the fact we all will one day have an epiphany, defining moment, or a moment of truth. Most things are and can be a matter of trust and I know we all have had moments where lie upon lie has been heard, and there have been doubts and occasionally there are times when one has walked away being either a fool or a king. I am sure you are aware that there have also been those times when it seems that there have feelings like there is nothing to lose. Still we are all flawed in some way and should be glad we have done what we thought was right and have made peace with what is the essential truth in life, and worthy of surviving the trials and tribulations.

Still a million breaths have been taken and a million tears have been shed while looking for a singular touch of grace, along with the million thoughts of those we have known that float like galaxies in our mind. I know I can be many things and wonder if I should just let the cards slip from my hands and cling to my singular beliefs? Sometimes feeling as if I am wearing a pilgrim’s robes and dealing with uncertainties while knowing the single unchanging thing is the truth, and having been destroyed a thousand times and still being flexible enough to reinvent myself and climb up through the darkness after the rain has fallen. Still it seems as if we are searching for the peace we haven’t found yet with nothing being like it once was or right anymore and need to be taking care to remember.

Sometimes I find myself being asked what am I going to do to have a dream survive? Still, my critics find it distressing that I am still alive and kicking, and have no problem dealing with the stormy side head on. But, then again, rebels and individuals will be that way since the dawn of time, as the heat can be felt coming up off the street, and some might not care for the advice I might share and then they can one day learn how to swallow a tear or just suffer and then sit and cry in their beer. While the Devil lives in the details with half of them being lies and sometimes waking from a nightmare and it’s worse when being awake might have them ask if they are real or not? As I sometimes ask myself if I need to be forgiven, and ask you to take my hand and not look past my shoulder or cry as we travel South down the line before we get much older. Though it might seem as if we have been fighting an undone war that still rages and stings.

Looking for a breath of life with a bit of vision of the truth and heavenly light again, as well as to believe in having a touch of divine rush. Carrying on at times with faith alone as we make our way while those who sit and gargle with the rat race choir sit and try to tell us no, as they bring on the dancing horses with no way home. As they shiver and say the words to every lie they have heard and said wherever they might roam. Still I will be here and not giving a damn to their words of praise and do what we must, and do it well. Heading towards that light on the horizon that’s miles away beyond the lies where the lamp of laughter has died, as we wave the last goodbye. Can’t you see where the road is headin’ as we make our way down the line and tryin’ not to look back? Hoping that you are feelin’ more alive though you might have problems finding those things you believed in, and those secrets I know will be hidden deep in me.

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Written by Shotgun011
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