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Arc Light

Arc Light

Originally I believe titled Old Souls

It seems as though there have been times in this Vale of Tears, as though I have traveled across both the universe and through the years, with there having been times too that going all the way was just the start. And sometimes when half asleep I hear a voice calling out to me, which has me wondering if from my mind or from someone I left behind or failed? Wondering if all has changed me somehow?

With everything seeming to be set in silence here in the dawn’s false light, as I find myself standing once again against this wall as I have done before. Now looking towards that dark courtyard there in the north where those jesters reside, and this being like a tale of beauty and the beast or like a circus parade passing through, and having seen in strange young-old eyes familiar looks and tears there,-
With our paths having crossed and parted many times when all was started long ago. Still believing that some things were meant to be and were written to be that way, as went about filling the pages as we both live and learn with each new life we receive as all survives. And never really having to fear goodbyes, or fare thee wells, for each generation all is reborn. To be told again through eternity or until only the sun’s dark light remains.

So take a look at my life and see those parallels that are there, with both of us needing and wanting the same things and so much more, as we look each other in the eyes to take the measure that’s there and see all is true. Having had moments that were brilliant, and having been both first and last too. With us both having been trying to win still with a losing hand,-
Both of us having seen the pretty people disappear like smoke, as both the friends arrive and disappear as the Tao said it would and should be. But if you need me you know that I will be here, there, and everywhere, you need me to be. Recalling that cool way you look me in the eyes and see all that there is to be seen in them, and carrying a piece of each other in us wherever we go.

Now hearing the heavy diesels in the distance of the last night train racing against the dawn’s growing light as I stand here waiting for you, and being someone whom I find it hard to live without in my life or this newest chapter. And for being those old souls that we truly are and having had no regrets; for when we kiss goodbye we really kiss each other hello. As I occasionally wipe and dry those blue tears from your eyes when we meet each time,-
And you take the measure in those greenish eyes of mine that can be colder than the moon, with both of us seeming to be putting out those fires that burn deep in us with gasoline at times. As I see you approaching me in an arc of light from the dark light of the sun.

Tao: From Chinese meaning the way, and the virtue by which all things happen or exist, (According to Webster’s new universal unabridged dictionary).

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